Hydronic Heating Systems

Schoonover Plumbing and Heating offers a full range of hydronic heating systems powered by oil, gas, and electricity. With decades of experience installing and servicing water-based heating equipment, Schoonover will design and install the optimal system for your needs.

Schoonover carries a full line of gas and oil boilers to meet any need from a simple change-out to a complex, high-efficiency installation. Schoonover offers and supports cast iron standard- and high-efficiency boilers as well as aluminum and stainless steel high-efficiency boilers. Schoonover can also service and install gas and oil steam boilers. Schoonover’s Geothermal Heat Pumps also includes hot water heating – please visit our Geothermal System page for more details.

Schoonover will customize the hydronic heating equipment to meet your needs using a wide variety of hot water heating products. Schoonover uses radiators, baseboard, radiant-in-slab, radiant-under-floor, and hot water forced air units including both ducted and duct free options. With such a wide variety of products and experience, Schoonover can address any hot water heating need. Call Schoonover and one of our professionals will help you design the system that is right for you.