The History of Schoonover

founded in 1947

Schoonover's was founded in 1947 by George Schoonover Sr. The original company was located in the Moose building on Sullivan Street until a fire forced the company to relocate into the building now occupied by Huslander's Garage. After a couple of years, the present building on Main Street was erected.

The firm started as a residential company. It was the time of moving from the outhouse to indoor plumbing. There was a great need for a good plumber. Schoonover's was also installing Bulk Tanks, which were then coming into wide use. By the 1960's the firm had shifted gears into mostly commercial work. During this time, Schoonover's was awarded many school and hospital bids. In the mid 1970's, The company renewed its residential and light industrial line.

George Schoonover Jr. and Thomas Schoonover purchased the business as equal partners from George Sr. in 1976. Currently, the business is owned and operated Thomas Schoonover, George Schoonover III, and Eric Schoonover (grandsons of George Schoonover Sr).

In 1996, Schoonover's added a second floor to their building and expanded the showroom and stock to accommodate most mechanical construction needs.